Weightlifting Coach

My name is Noel. I have been a Personal physical fitness Trainer for 16 year whilst serving in the Army. I would like to say,  my training philosophy has always been to train people the way the human body was designed to move, through functional movements.

Why CrossFit?

Now, I have played all the sports, been in a gym for 20+years, tried many forms of exercise and nothing has come close to CrossFit. The variety and functional movements, coupled with the intensity are by far the most challenging and rewarding forms of exercise I know. I strongly believe this.

The skills I have learned through this core strength & conditioning program give me great confidence in passing this form of exercise on to you. Since my first CrossFit workout I have not done any other form of training, Today it is also fitted Nicly in with my PT programs for the Army.

But I do like the Olympic lifting more than anything else. Having the understanding of how to lift safer makes it a lot more fun. I am currently studying a Degree course in sports exercise at Majons University in England. Focusing on Olympic lifting.

I have a very keen interest in Mountain Biking, Skiing and main more Adventurous sport’s.



  • Foundation degree in sports science
  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Olympic lifting coach (Level 2)
  • KB Instructor
  • Boxing coach
  • Swim teacher